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General University Courses

Assistant lecturer at Orsay University (Paris XI) and Montpellier University (2006-2007)

Tutorials and lectures for undergraduate students and master students in following fields:

- Biostatistics
- Conservation Biology
- Theoretical ecology and models
- Macroecology
- Biogeography

Specific courses

Lectures on Statisctics; Population viability analysis; Biodiversity and agriculture;
Biodiversity indicators; Field knowledge in ornithology and botany; GIS

Student monitoring


-Spatial and temporal changes in functional, phylogenetic and taxonomic diversity / Master II. University Montpellier II

-The problem of generalization in ecology: ecological and epistemological perspectives / Master II. University Montpellier II


Using quantitative genetic indices in community ecology. Models and statistics / Master I. University Montpellier II


Impact of exotic species on community structure and composition: The particular case of Trachemys scripta Experiment and statistics / Master I. Orsay University


-The importance of scale in landscape ecology: applications to conservation in agricultural-dominated landscapes. GIS and Ecology / Master I. Paris VI University

-Impact of agricultural practices on farmland birds. Spatial analysis and Landscape Ecology / Master II. INAPG


Large-scale distribution and dynamics of bird populations. Source-sinks dynamics and spatial analysis / Master II. Ecole Normal Superieure


-Impact of climate warming on bird communities dynamics. Statistics and Capture-recapture algorithms / Master II. University of Toulouse

-Improving a protected area network to achieve Natura 2000 goals on birds. GIS and statistics / Master II. Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle